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Once Upon Some Pretty Good Art

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Welcome to the art page! Currently (as far as I know) there are only a few pieces of OUAVBP
and OUATTM art in existence, so if anything inspires you artists out there, please share!

Satan, by E. Cara.
'Handsome as sin' in its most literal sense. He's not involved in the story until the second half. Click to enlarge.

"The Discovery of the Magic Golden Staircase" by E. Cara.
Click to enlarge.

The Silver Sombreros. Oh, and about everyone except Angélica looking the same: we're not racist. Really. The picture had to be finished in a hurry, so we used the image of Paco and pasted it to finish the group. Art by H.M. McMasters. Click to enlarge.

Megan and Holly from "Once Upon a Trip to Mexico", a spin-off I did for Spanish class last year. Megan, as usual, is looking devious. Click to enlarge. Art by H.M. McMasters.

Megan and Holly from "Once Upon a Trip to Mexico". Megan hands over her chocolate bar to Holly out of pity while a shadowy Ian looks on from behind a conveniently placed bush. Click to enlarge.

Léa and Alexa manning their Rent-a-Chihuahua booth. That's Garfunkel on the table. Click to enlarge.



Images © E. Cara & H.M. McMasters