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Meet the Characters

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Who are these strange people?

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Megan, seen here in a frequent state, eye rolling. Megan is the leader of the gang, famous for her hare-brained schemes and love of souvenir T-shirts.

Léa, looking very 'gangsta'. Léa is noted for her disturbing obsession with horses and wearing the same blue jacket every day.

Ian in his usual state--grumpy. Other than practicing his scowl, Ian enjoys cryptology, history, no sports, math, physics, and a good Russian spy novel.

Holly. Here she appears either very serene, or very drugged-up. It's probably the latter. She is prone to random outbursts of national anthems and drinking too much Kahlua, although usually in the reverse order.

Alexa, who is probably the most mysterious of the group. She thinks the sound baby alligators make is adorable, and believes clericals to be called 'nun costumes'.

Images © H.M. McMasters